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Who reads the stock tables for you, vets your mutual funds, talks to the IRS, plans your children’s college fund, grills your mortgage and insurance companies, organizes your inheritance, and figures out how you will have enough money to vacation in Italy when you retire? We do.

In today’s market, the huge number of choices can be overwhelming. By listening carefully to each client and placing their needs first, we work to develop a personalized financial plan that can help them prioritize and attain their life goals.

We understand the many challenges that individuals can face as they prepare for retirement. Whether it be concerns about taxes, market loss, social security, long- term care, Medicare, or running out of money during retirement, our personalized service focuses on our clients’ financial goals and objectives. We tailor our coverage in a way that will help them meet their retirement goals in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.


Retirement Wealth Academy

We’re part of a nationwide cooperative that offers educational classes for financial planning and retirement investing


American Retirement Institute

ARI’s retirement workshops are designed to give you a detailed overview of retirement and a wide array of financial education topics.


The Retirement Playbook Radio Show

Join Rick and Granger Hughes as they take on obstacles on your financial horizon!


Rick Hughes
Could Your Taxes Double Soon?

Nobody wants their taxes to go up. But there are many factors at play that could all cause your taxes to potentially double in the new future. What are they and how can you prepare yourself against them? Click here to read more!
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Granger Hughes
It’s Not What You Make, But What You Keep, That Counts!

There are many income-related risks for retirees to juggle as they near retirement, and many people often fail to plan for necessary tax adjustments. Luckily, there are several ways to adjust for taxes without sacrificing the growth and protection of your income.
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Patrick Kelly’s “Stress-Free Retirement” has helped many people take control of their retirement instead of retirement controlling them. This book will help guide you toward the freedom you want for your future!

Taxes can be one of the hardest parts of retirement. Without an idea of how much you’ll be paying in taxes each year, you could quickly find yourself in trouble. Patrick Kelly’s “Tax-Free Retirement” is geared to make sure that doesn’t happen!