Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

A Sound Retirement Plan can take you from a “Should Be Ok In Retirement” situation to a “Will Be Ok In Retirement” situation.

A big misconception in retirement planning is that it stops once you reach retirement.  Planning during retirement is still very crucial to ensure you don’t outlive the money you have spent years accumulating for this exact event and time in your life.

There are similarities between the pre-retirement and post-retirement planning process.  Maintaining a budget and managing debt is a major factor in both phases of life.  Regularly monitoring and assessing your investment strategies, allocations and risk tolerance is key during all aspects of retirement planning as it does change and transition with you into retirement.

During our retirement years we have certain life events that must be factored into our ongoing retirement planning needs.  One must plan for healthcare costs, long-term care expenses, social security and RMDs (required minimum distributions).  All these things can impact one’s income and investments during retirement. 

Whether you are developing a retirement plan, nearing retirement or recently retired, our goal is to help you simplify and organize your financial life.  We work hard to provide a holistic, comprehensive plan that is uniquely tailored to suit your financial short- and long-term goals.

Our approach is to properly assess your risk tolerance, create a custom allocation model that reflects your objectives and tolerance, manage the portfolio in a cost and tax efficient manner, and re-examine and adjust investments as your needs or circumstances change.